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Moruna,29,whose eclectic mix of ethnicities is only surpassed by her eclectic and unique interests, laughs at the question of her multi-racial heritage.

"People often try and guess but, it's just a mixture of everything from both sides of my family. My father is from Trinidad, West Indies and Trinidad is one the most diverse Caribbean islands. It is inhabited and was occupied by many!"

Trinidad, the very last island in the Caribbean (just above Caracas,South America), was a country sought after for centuries, was occupied by the Spaniards, French, Dutch and finally the British, before it became independant. It has Creole, African, East Indian, Chinese influences and population. We recall the many Miss Worlds and Miss Universes', all the beauty queens that hail from the small island.

"I love being there, mostly for being around my amazing and diverse family and catching up on all the local news but, also the delicious fresh foods and fruits, the rhythm of our land and its' influences, Calypso music (steel-pan), and our Carnival. There is such freedom and "abandon", it's a wonderful escape ,Its a part of me.

I love that freedom...more than anything."

Raised and schooled primarily in Connecticut, her parents chose the quiet upbringing and surrounding of a small Shoreline town for their family. "I was so shy as a child, I still am sometimes..but, when working, its different (especially after the uber-creative German advertisements lol!). I become another part of myself, and I convey my feelings and emotion into a fantasy, many of the brands i model have a sensuality to them. I know how the smallest item, such as a lipstick, and any gorgeous perfectly fitting garment can make a woman feel like a million bucks! Every woman deserves to feel like that."

Scouted to be a fashion model at a very early age by Karen Lee, for what has been hailed her very feminine "golden ratio" measurements and facial/physical symmetry, Moruna has only taken occasional breaks from the business to escape to the serenity, privacy and rejuvenating spirit of the Catskills/Upstate New York and complete her BS in Psychology/Fine Arts at Charter Oak State College in Connecticut. "Receiving my diploma was a fantastic feeling, of accomplishment and of relief! " she laughs, "I could finally show my parents!"

Although her primary profession is as model (and with absolutely flawless skin and oh-so luxurious long natural hair) she probably will for a very long time, (she loves the Clarins, Estee Lauder or Clinique brands) she recently has considered a more long-term career commitment as art gallery client liaison, which would fit perfectly with all of her varied experience, talents and interests in the Art world.

When time allows she plans to return back to schooling for her post-baccalaureate-Graduate program.

For the time-being. a favorite interest in baking and coffee has her full attention, quite suprisingly, she laughs, "I was drawn to this," and when not travelling the globe, is at a quaint and unique little antique filled coffee and bake shop, playing jazz, blues, and a lil blue grass in a small southern town."Its one of the last of those small American towns where people can drop by and ask for a cup of sugar, take interest in your children, and love one another. I feel a warmth of spirit and sincerity in the faces I encounter. Ive met so many wonderful people from around the world at the bake shop. "I awake to the sound of church bells tolling, just like in Munich and Trinidad and somehow, i feel at home."


On another note entirely:Favorite designers are: Riccardo Tisci, Diane Von Furstenburg, Versace, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Balmain, Tahari, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Azzedine Alaia, Georgina Chapman-Marchesa, Lanvin and always Vintage Halson. "And not in any order", she laughs, "I'm honored to wear their art, anytime, anywhere. These designers are magicians, their work, masterpeices."

Her "wishlist" includes more gifts for her family or her friends than herself, with the treasures and delicacies she happens upon from around the world but, she laughs, a quiet shy smile, admitting to her favorite fragrances, L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake or Chloe, a golden charm for her ever growning childhood charm bracelet, Yurman cuff or Tahitian pearl bracelets, silks by Agent Provocateur and perhaps a pair of Christian Louboutins.

Her favorite locales include the so beautifully racially diverse, energetic and electric London, England; the arts and her friendships in amazingly liberating New York (one of her home bases); elegant, refined and refreshingly clean and green Munich, Germany where she is exclusive; romantic and quaint Aspen, Colorado and beautiful Paris and Nice, France for wandering through market-places, it's architecture and the warm sea.

Speaking of "romance" she smiles and shakes her head, amid rumors of a tall handsome beau, rings and engagements, "I try to keep my private life, very very private! lol! and wont divulge a word!!" Very traditionally raised, she acknowledges the challenge of committment with the amount of travel sometimes involved in her current careers and appreciates the freedom of making choices independently for now. Whatever her mysterious secret is, her smile says it all, she's always happy and glowing.

The experience and love of travel rates among her favorite thing to do and some of her other varied interests include wine touring and tasting, horseback riding and horse races, skiing, dancing! a NAUI scuba diver, hiking, all fitness activities, gardening, reading poetry and the classics, biking, galleries and museums, collecting art and unusual finds for decorating, independent films, theater, symphony and most of all opera.

With a small slow smile, she adds, "... A safe and happy holiday, a New Years toast, with a delicious champagne, pinot noir, a Richebourg, Sassicaia or....never simply...an Andrew Murray or Kistler...

Lebe deinen traum. Always.

Thank-you for visiting."

Original article by Denise Noe for "The Caribbean Express"

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